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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

PogocamVista Eyewear has recently announced a strategic partnership with Roanoke-based PogoTec to design and manufacture eyewear featuring the PogoTrack™ wearable technology platform.

Eyewear with PogoTrack is designed to serve as a universal platform for a wide range of future electronic wearable devices. Unveiled for the first time at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, the first such device is PogoCam™ (picture), the world’s smallest wearable camera that attaches to fashionable eyewear. Future wearables for the platform may include an alertness monitor to prevent drivers from falling asleep and a UV meter to prevent sunburn by alerting users when exposed to damaging rays.

“Partnering with PogoTec to incorporate PogoTrack capability into modern Italian handmade frames creates a unique combination of beauty, design and technology,” said Massimo Pinazza, Vista Eyewear. “At Vista, we create frames that tap into a deep cultural and artistic heritage. We’re bringing this distinctive style to PogoTec to offer an innovative product with a dedicated focus on comfort and style for the wearer.”

The Vista collection for PogoCam incorporates the patent-pending PogoTrack using a combination of both metals and Italian acetate materials. Vista has built a strong reputation in global markets by bringing new materials to frame design, including magnesium, wood, aluminum, titanium, acetate and rubber, as well as steel combined with rubber injections and carbon fiber.

“We are privileged to have Vista Eyewear on board for the European introduction of PogoCam with PogoTrack,” said Ron Blum, Founder, President and CEO of PogoTec. “PogoCam’s ability to match the consumer’s personal sense of style makes it a unique offering in the wearable technology market. Vista designs play to this strength through a proven track record of Italian craftsmanship, quality, comfort and timeless appeal.”