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24 Sep 2021

Optometrists Granted Temporary Registration To Participate in COVID-19 Surge Workforce

covid 19 test
23 Sep 2021

Algorithm Breakthrough In Diagnosis of Geographic Atrophy

AMD Moorfields AI
16 Sep 2021

My Vision Show Announces Rewind, Opens Doors To All Exhibitors

MyVisionShow Rewind
10 Sep 2021

PlanetVA To Support Local Eyewear Suppliers

eyewear fitting room
08 Sep 2021

Australian Bionic Visual-Spatial Prosthesis For The Blind Receives Government Funding

blind woman
07 Sep 2021

Scientists Create Retina From Stem Cells of Bony Fish

Petri dish
02 Sep 2021

AIHW Launches Indigenous Eye Health Measures 2021 Report

AIHW report
01 Sep 2021

Researchers Find Strong Association of Poor Vision With Risk of Traffic Collisions

road traffic
23 Aug 2021

Lab-grown Mini Brains Develop 'Eyes' That Could Help Scientists Understand Congenital Blindness

brain organoid with optic cups
19 Aug 2021

New Cataract Clinical Care Standard Launched in Australia

cataract clinical care standard
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