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18 Oct 2019

Oculo Launches in US

OculoOculo has received its FDA registration and HIPAA compliance in the US. The Oculo® system is a web-enabled platform that addresses the global problems of data silos and disconnected clinical communication in healthcare. The cloud-based Oculo platform connects physicians regardless of location or the systems they use in their practices to facilitate the instant and secure transfer of patient data. Oculo powers the secure sharing of referrals, clinical imaging and test results between physicians.  

Dr Kate Taylor, CEO, Oculo, says “When we started Oculo in Australia four years ago, we knew the pain and clinical risks that occur when health data is trapped in disconnected silos. Quality care rests on continuity of communication. When patients have to act as carrier pigeons, vital information gets lost. This is a global problem. We are thrilled to be announcing our FDA registration and HIPAA compliance, meaning Oculo can connect clinical care for providers in the United States.” 

In Australia, over 80% of ophthalmologists and 65% of optometrists are using Oculo to communicate and share clinical imaging and data securely to facilitate better care for over 750,000 patients. In New Zealand, just 12 months post-launch, over 60% of eye care professionals are using Oculo.  

Dr Jade Schiffman, Neuro-Ophthalmology of Texas, is Oculo’s founding customer in the USA. Dr Schiffman and her colleagues will be using the Oculo platform integrated with Topcon’s Harmony image management solution to streamline the flow of information in and out of her practice to her vibrant network of referring optometrists and ophthalmologists. Dr Schiffman says “Oculo takes the images from Harmony with HIPAA security and compliance transports these images between providers now in Australia and New Zealand. The software is easy to operate and images are easy to select from Harmony as I understand and be sent (a process now that is hugely labor intensive, requiring extra staff to do all of this one image at a time). This ability itself is AMAZING because we have not found this yet! This takes the valuable time of our technicians who currently download each picture individually and upload it to the EMR individually, a much too time consuming process, or take pictures off the image management system and upload to EMR with much degradation of quality. So, this is the functionality we are excited to have.”

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