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21 Oct 2021

Optometry Australia and Australian College of Optometry Sign MoU

AO - ACOOptometry Australia (OA) and the Australian College of Optometry (ACO) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore collaborations and potential joint ventures that mutually support the progress of the optometry profession.

The two organisations are considering synergies that could lead to mutually beneficial opportunities that could be applied nationally to maximise their impact, including discussions focused on professional education, clinical research, and innovation in clinical care.

OA National President, Darrell Baker said, ‘Optometry Australia and the ACO have always been interconnected and we believe that there are many synergies that would be highly beneficial for both our memberships, and the profession broadly, that are worth us collectively exploring. This agenda, developed by Optometry Australia in association with members and sector stakeholders, was created to guide the future of eye health and eye care in Australia. To lead the sector towards 2040, and to achieve the targets set in this long-term strategy, the National Board recognises that Optometry Australia must invest in the technology, education and innovation required for optometrists to take control of their future. By seeking different ways of working with likeminded organisations, such as the ACO, we will be in a stronger position to achieve these outcomes’.

ACO President, Rodney Hodge said, ‘The Australian College of Optometry’s vision is to achieve world leading eye health outcomes. Fostering excellence through collaboration and facilitation enables the ACO to push for innovative ways to achieve their goalsThe role of the ACO is to improve education, clinical care and research and thus improve the lives of the people in the communities we serve. To enhance this capacity the ACO strongly supports this collaboration with Optometry Australia. While we already have a strong relationship with OA, we anticipate that the MoU will provide a framework to explore our joint capacity to help the optometry community deliver more value to the publicPreparing for the future was vital, and a key part of the ACO’s agenda is to strengthen and assist the evolution of the profession of optometry. Collaboration and facilitation, along with independent action are, and will continue to be, important for delivering the best possible outcomes’.




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