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Little 4 Eyes / Tomato Glasses

address Unit 1, 167 Hyde Street
Yarraville VIC 3013
email [email protected]
website www.little4eyes.com.au
phone 03 9448 8932
brands Tomato Glasses, Catimini. Jacadi Paris, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Tartine et Chocolat, Disney Princess, Star Wars, MARVEL: Spiderman and Avengers, Minions, John Lennon, Lapo, Demetz, The Rolling Stones, SHADEZ Blue
short description A curated range of durable and designer glasses that every child will comfortable and confident wearing! Sizes, colours and styles designed to fit every child uniquely and give children options to find a frame that they love.
products and services Custom-fitted children's, baby and teen frames to provide every child with the choice and variety to love their glasses. We’re firm believers in having a range of glasses that can be made to fit to every child, rather than expecting a child to fit into their glasses! Providing a range of different fits in comfortable, stylish, practical and durable makes, allowing kids to be kids and to feel confident, happy and free in their eyewear.
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