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Allergan to Hold Special Meeting PDF
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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Allergan, Inc. announced that it has reached an agreement with Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. ("Pershing Square") and Valeant Pharmaceuticals ("Valeant") under which Allergan will hold the Special Meeting of Stockholders (the "Special Meeting") on the originally scheduled date of December 18, 2014, without restriction, and Pershing Square and Valeant will dismiss their pending litigation before the Delaware Court of Chancery. In connection, Allergan has established an October 30, 2014 record date for stockholders entitled to vote at the Special Meeting.

Given the Special Meeting will be held on the same date Allergan already announced, this recent announcement eliminates the distraction and cost of unnecessary litigation over the Company's bylaws and underscores the Allergan Board of Directors' long-standing commitment to providing stockholders with a forum to express their opinion on the value proposition offered by Valeant. Allergan continues to believe that stockholders should have the opportunity to make decisions regarding their investment in the Company based on compliant, full and fair disclosures, and to ensure that any stockholders voting on corporate matters acquired their shares in accordance with the law. If Allergan's motion is granted, the injunction would prevent Valeant, Pershing Square, and William A. Ackman from voting their shares at any meeting of stockholders. 

Vision Australia Provides Innovative Online Book Player to Visually Impaired PDF
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Australian News
Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Although she has very poor vision, thanks to an innovative Online talking book player developed by Vision Australia, Lesley McEwan, 60 from Willoughby reads more than sixteen books per month. Lesley has poor sight due to cataracts. An operation to remove the cataract on her left eye left her vision foggy and she has a cataract on her right eye. She also has type-two diabetes and a heart condition that limits her mobility.

"I really enjoy receiving audio books from Vision Australia. With the new player, I just have to call and they are automatically downloaded. It is much faster than waiting to receive CD’s in the mail," says Leslie.

The Online player was developed by Vision Australia to assist people with a print disability who do not have the capability or confidence to access online content. It involves bundling 3G (wireless broadband) internet technology into existing (DAISY) players that people are already familiar with. The player connects directly to Vision Australia’s i-access© online library to access the wide range of books, newspapers, magazines and other topical information. The device is simple to use and the user does not need their own computer or internet connection.

"With the majority of our clients being older and with difficulties accessing content on the internet, we needed to develop a solution that would provide online access to a greater variety of information in a user friendly and effective way," says Andrew Furlong, Technology Support Manager at the Vision Australia Library. "The 3G solution means that people can now get information immediately wherever they are on a device they are happy to use," he added.

The Online audio book player will be demonstrated at Vision Australia’s Texpo exhibition in October. Texpo showcases a range of Vision Australia services, including Seeing Eye Dogs, and the latest adaptive technology designed to assist people with vision impairments to live the lives they choose. It is a free event, which is open to the general public, people who are blind or have low vision, their friends and family, and industry professionals.

Eye Health Companies Form Industry Vision Group in UK PDF
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International News
Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Novartis, Bayer and Allergan are among the founding members of a new UK industry group that unites pharma and medical technology companies with an interest in eye health. The group is focused on overarching policy issues and aims to help secure greater prioritisation of eye health with policy makers and commissioners; and improve access to care, treatment and services for people with eye health conditions. The group is currently developing its work programme and looks forward to working collaboratively with the eye health community to make progress towards its stated aims.

Richard Marsh, chairman of the group, said: "I am delighted that both medical technology and pharmaceutical companies with an interest in eye health have come together to form this initiative. There is very little that is more precious to an individual than their eyesight and modern advances in medicine and medical technology means we have taken tremendous steps forward in helping to look after the eyes, and to tackle the causes of visual impairment.

"The IVG believes that the NHS (National Health Service) should give even greater priority to eye care and it is never more important to make this case than at a time when all services are under pressure. We will work both together as companies, and with other organisations representing both patients and practitioners, to ensure that the NHS has a vision for vision that embraces all the potential that medicine and medical technology can bring."

Scientists Develop Eye Drops to Treat Molecular Basis of Glaucoma PDF
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Ophthalmology and Optometry
Monday, 15 September 2014

Northwestern University scientists in the U.S. have discovered a novel cause of glaucoma in an animal model, and related to their findings, are now developing an eye drop aimed at curing the disease. They believe their findings will be important to human glaucoma.

A cure for glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness, has been elusive because the basis of the disease is poorly understood. In glaucoma, pressure builds from poor drainage of fluid from the anterior chamber of the eye, destroying retinal ganglion cells and eventually the optic nerve. The eye becomes like a bathtub that can’t drain because the pipe is clogged. The clogged or defective vessel, known as Schlemm’s canal, is part of the lymphatic system that is essential for drainage in the eye.

The new study for the first time identifies the molecular building blocks needed to make the 'drainage' vessels, providing the necessary chemical tools to repair the eye's plumbing and restore normal drainage. Up until now, the molecular basis of the disease caused by an absent or defective canal was unknown.

The study was published Sept. 9 in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Safilo To Launch Product School in 2015 PDF
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Friday, 12 September 2014

Safilo Product SchoolSafilo is set to launch its Product School offering 3 year Apprenticeships to up to 10 young professionals every year, starting from 2015.

On the occasion of its institutional 80th anniversary, Safilo recalls the importance of its product creation, design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, and its historical reputation of offering the very best of Italian tradition through eyewear apprenticeships dating back as far as 1878. High quality eyewear craftsmanship at the heart of modern globally integrated quality business management is core to Safilo's strategy aimed at long term sustainable profitable growth. Safilo announces, therefore, the establishment of the "Safilo Product School" to give young apprentices starting their professional lives the opportunity to build foundational mastery across all Product functions, and then begin Safilo's career path to form the new generations of Eyewear Product Directors.

Entry into the program based on selection is open to talents coming from technical institutes or universities, and builds on international apprenticeship best practice combining on-the-job learning and job rotation including an international assignment in Safilo's worldwide operations, coaching by experienced Safilo managers and experts, and regular classroom training.

The focus is on Product Creation, i.e. from design to product development, from prototyping to manufacturing, materials, quality, pricing, and product concept selling. Safilo's values – quality, durability, and timeless design – together with its unique technological innovation, that changed the history of the eyewear industry and that have been present from the very beginning in the collection of glasses bearing the company's name, will be the basis on which the courses will be built.

Additionally, the program also covers the development of managerial skills and behavioral competencies, inspired by the company's way of doing business guided by the its Values and Principles, as just renewed for its 80th Anniversary.

The formal training will be administered in collaboration with national and international partners, i.e. Universities, Technical and Optical Product Certification Institutes, and Safilo's customer and supplier network, supplemented by its own global management team. The School will enhance the legacy of Safilo's Calalzo di Cadore site, the company's first establishment that today hosts more than three thousand pieces of eyewear belonging to the company's museum, and a unique worldwide archive of over 250,000 pairs of eyewear from the late 19th century to today. Safilo's heritage in product creation and development dates back to 1878, when the very first production site was established, and afterwards was acquired (in 1934) to become the modern Safilo in today's incorporation.

The Safilo Product School counts on the support of its prestigious License partners, who will play an active role in qualifying the apprentices at the end of the program. One special award has already been confirmed, sponsored by Dior, the prestigious French Maison of highest selective standards, and long standing partner of Safilo.

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