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Safilo Extends Jimmy Choo Eyewear License PDF
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Wednesday, 03 December 2014

Safilo Group and Jimmy Choo have extended their licensing agreement until December 31, 2018, for the design, production and distribution of the Jimmy Choo eyewear collections of sunglasses and optical frames. This reflects the outstanding growth of the brand’s eyewear business across all major countries, especially in Europe and North America.

"We are proud to count Jimmy Choo among our leading luxury fashion and top-growth eyewear brands", commented Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safilo Group. "The brand's uniquely glamorous and confidently iconic style inspires us to create distinctive eyewear that has exceptional appeal in the markets where it is distributed via premium quality channels. We see great potential for accelerated growth particularly in Asia Pacific, China, and Latin America, enabled by our new commercial leadership capability".

"We are very pleased to prolong our partnership with Safilo", said Pierre Denis, CEO of Jimmy Choo. "We enjoy a strong and collaborative partnership producing designs that reflect the personality of the Jimmy Choo brand and the design vision of our Creative Director, Sandra Choi. Safilo's expertise in commercial execution enhances the quality of our brand in the highest points of sales across the world. We look forward to expanding our eyewear presence further globally".

Luxury Eyewear Maker Peter Coombs to Introduce First Production Range PDF
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Tuesday, 02 December 2014

This year Australian Designer Jeweller Metalsmith Peter Coombs is celebrating 30 years of crafting bespoke and limited edition eyewear.

Peter Coombs considers his eyewear "Jewellery for the Face". All of his frames are a celebration of the versatility and beauty that metal can offer. The use of Sterling Silver and distinctive swing hinges have always been the defining feature of his designs.

4 O’Clock Eyewear Collection

Peter Coombs has recently shown his 4 O’Clock Titanium and Sterling Silver eyewear collection at the world optical fair, Silmo Paris late September of this year. This is the first time he has exhibited on the world stage and this is the first production range to be launched after a 30 year career crafting bespoke and one-off art eyewear. The 4 O’Clock range will be available in selected high-end retail boutiques around Australia in March 2015. Peter believes that in 2014/2015 “the time is right” for his work to be better understood and appreciated on a larger scale. His work serves individuals looking for authentic, unique and inspiring personal accessories that augment a design-motivated lifestyle and distinctive personality.

The Peter Coombs 4 O’Clock Eyewear Collection takes frame design in a new and intriguing direction with the unique Sterling Silver hinge as the signature Peter Coombs design element. The face and temples are cut from a single piece of flat Titanium with fold and twists applied in ways that is relatively unseen in eyewear production.

Peter comments “Good design is simple design. I have an ongoing obsession with metals so with a deep understanding and appreciating of how different metals move, react and wear allows me to continually discover new and innovative styling and functionality solutions in my work.”

4 o’clock is drinks time at the Peter Coombs studio and is also the inspiration for this new eyewear range. It is the time of day when a moment is taken out to reflect on the day, to consider the path travelled and to celebrate wins with partners. Sometimes it is Champagne and other times Gin, Tequila, Shiraz or Malt

The marriage of classic shapes from years past plus ‘old-school’ understanding and knowledge takes this ‘jewellery for the face’ in an intriguing and remarkable new direction for 2015. The time is right to re-imagine the old as new again.

“To describe the alchemy of Peter Coombs’ imaginative eyewear, you’ll find the words not only in the austere principles of design, but also in the broader realms of storytelling, architecture, art making, mythology, engineering, history and culture. These are frames that conjure their power from a more ingenious place, fearlessly surpassing the boundaries of function to forge themselves into existence in an expressive field of vision dappled with humor, poetry and dreams.” Gai Gherardi, l.a.Eyeworks.

Virtually Try on the Malt optical frame from the 4 O’Clock Eyewear Collection below:



For more information Contact Peter Coombs Eyewear.

Samsung Launches EYECAN+ Next-Generation Mouse for People with Disabilities PDF
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Monday, 01 December 2014

Eyecan+Samsung Electronics has recently introduced EYECAN+, the company's second-generation eye mouse that allows people with disabilities to compose and edit documents as well as browse the web through simple eye movement. EYECAN+ is the first of its kind, as it does not require users to wear any device, such as glasses. Instead, EYECAN+ is a single-unit, portable box that sits below the monitor, and works by wirelessly calibrating with the user's eye.

EYECAN+ requires the user to be situated between 60cm and 70cm from the monitor, and does not require the user to be in any specific position, as it can be used while seated or lying down. Calibration is only required for first-time users, as EYECAN+ will remember each user's eye characteristics. Users can also adjust the sensitivity of EYECAN+ for both calibration and actual use.

Once calibrated, the EYECAN+ user interface (UI) will appear as a pop-up menu in one of two different modes, rectangular menu board or floating menu wheel, both of which contain 18 different commands. Both menu types can be configured to remain at the fore of the screen.

The use of all 18 commands solely requires eye movement and blinking, and each command can be selected by looking directly at the relevant icon and blinking once. The 18 commands include “copy,” “paste” and “select all,” as well as “drag and drop,” “scroll” and “zoom in.” Additional custom commands can also be created to include existing keystroke commands, such as “close program” (“Alt+F4”) and “print” (“Ctrl+P”). Compared to its predecessor, EYECAN, Samsung's first eye mouse that was introduced in March 2012, the calibration sensitivity and overall user experience (UX) of EYECAN+ have been significantly upgraded, in part thanks to Hyung-Jin Shin, a graduate student in computer science at Yonsei University in Seoul. Born quadriplegic, Shin had worked with Samsung on EYECAN between 2011-12, and took on a key role in developing the EYECAN+ UX by piloting the eye mouse over the course of 17 months and extensively working with Samsung engineers to ensure the burgeoning array of functions and commands remain practical and easy to access and use.

ODMA Announces 'Fabulous Friday' CPD for 2015 Conference PDF
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Australian News
Friday, 28 November 2014

ODMA 2015"Following the tremendous reception received for the inaugural conference in 2013, we are pleased to announce 'Fabulous Friday' at ODMA|2015," said Finola Carey, Chief Executive Officer of the Optical Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ODMA). "Eleven widely respected experts including keynote speaker Professor Minas Coroneo will deliver a wide ranging program consisting of thirteen sessions, in a one-day programme designed to meet the professional development needs of optometrists," continued Ms Carey.

On 'Fabulous Friday' there will be up to 30 CPD points on offer.

ODMA|2015 starts 8am Friday July 3, and ends 4pm Sunday July 5 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. A program of master classes for optical dispensers and practice staff will be released early in 2015.

Hoet To Showcase 3D Laser-printed Collection at Opti Munich 2015 PDF
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

3D HandmadeHoet Eyewear will be showcasing their latest 3D Laser-printed HC Collection at Opti Munich 2015, which will be held from 09 - 11 January 2015. Opti Munich takes place annually at the beginning of the year and is held at the fairground Messe München. The 3D laser-printed HC collection already includes five models. These eyeglasses, which are available in various lens and bridge sizes, are equipped with adjustable temples and moveable nose pads for the best possible comfort.

There will be also 3D handmade eyewear: a mounted ruby or brilliant, or a unique embroidery in gold or platinum thread. It makes every Hoet Couture frame even more refined. The combination of high-tech and the artisanship of the jeweller turns the frame itself into a jewel.

The Hoet Couture eyeglasses fit in well with the 'classical' Hoet collection. They too, are modern and beautiful. Quality and comfort as always are the basic precepts. The eyeglasses are rust-free and anti-allergic, light, yet durable and well-fitting.

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