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Charmant Group Unveils New Collection "Dolce" PDF
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Product News
Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Charmant Line Art - Dolce CollectionThe Charmant Group has unveiled a brand new collection "Dolce" from its signature brand “LineArt CHARMANT.” As the collection name Dolce indicates, the new styles have been designed for the independent, self-confident women who would like to express the sweet and tender side of their personality.

The Dolce collection embraces and enhances the wearer's femininity from every angle. With praise and respect for every woman, this collection consists of only streamline temple and is three dimensionally designed. Twin Excellent Titan filaments, forming a heart-shape on the hinge and elegantly flowing along to the end-tip, produce just a touch of romantic atmosphere.

Since Dolce is used as a musical term, the collection also conveys the sweetness and tenderness of the wearer. This unprecedented and delicate design as well as assured stability is achieved by Charmant's craftsmanship and innovative technology such as unparalleled pressing and state-of-the-art laser micro welding.

Like other collections, Dolce guarantees the same light flexibility and perfect fit, owing to Excellence Titan, Charmant's exclusive material.

The Excellence Titan material represents the next generation of eyewear and is the latest results of Charmant Group's continuing and dedicated research and development work. Absolutely nickel-free, with outstanding processability and special memory functions that help eyewear maintain the original shape; it is an ideal material for eyewear that provides both unlimited design possibilities and superior wearing comfort. The Charmant Group's product line made of Excellence Titan offers amazing lightness, a gentle touch with hardly any pressure felt, while at the same time making an ultramodern fashion statement.

New innovative adaptive nose pads are introduced from this collection in order to provide further comfort. Once the wearer starts to use the eyewear, the pad gradually changes its shape along the curve of the wearer’s nose. The technology is called adaptive effect, and reacts to body temperature that enables a personalized fit. After a certain period of time (normally 2 weeks to 1 month), the ability to change gradually wears off and the pad thereafter keeps the adapted shape. The pad is expected to disperse pressure on the nose and enables a stable and comfortable wear. The material of the pad is biocompatibility and is used in the medical industry.

NASA To Explore Use of ODG Smart Glasses PDF
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Product News
Friday, 13 March 2015

ODG smart glassesNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and Osterhout Design Group (ODG) have recently unveiled they are teaming up to explore the use of ODG's Smart Glasses for terrestrial and space-based activities. The two will collaborate to evaluate the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in human spaceflight, with the ultimate goal of one day deploying ODG's technology on NASA space missions.

ODG has spent six years developing Smart Glasses, working with government customers and corporate partners to build, refine and advance its technology. ODG's Glasses are the most advanced, robust and mobile Augmented Reality device available today. They allow users to do everything they do with a tablet, with 3D graphics overlaid and in a true, hands free format. Packed with positional sensors, the Glasses know where you are, where you're looking, and how you're moving, enabling precise AR and exciting VR experiences in even the most demanding environments.

A potential early use for the ODG Glasses by NASA is "Assisted Reality" software that enables line of sight check lists, guided support via telepresence, and the ability to overlay digital markers on machinery or equipment while keeping the user's eyes and hands focused on their task. This technology can increase the accuracy and efficiency of astronauts’ in-flight activities, something that is increasingly important as NASA takes on longer duration space missions. Several ODG customers in the medical and energy and utilities industries already use such software, and ODG is excited to explore its use with NASA.

Hoet Eyewear Presents 3D Laser-printed HC Collection PDF
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Product News
Thursday, 19 February 2015

Hoet Couture EyewearHoet Eyewear presents its latest 3D laser-printed HC (Hoet Couture) collection which already includes four models. These eyeglasses, which are available in various lens and bridge sizes, are equipped with adjustable temples and moveable nose pads for the best possible comfort. They further state: "Our urge towards further innovation and comfort goes way beyond this..."

A mounted ruby or diamond, or a unique embroidery in gold or platinum thread, makes every Hoet Couture frame even more refined. The combination of high-tech and the artisanship of the jeweller turns the frame itself into a jewel.

The Hoet Couture eyeglasses fit in well with the 'classical' Hoet collection. They too, are modern and beautiful. Quality and comfort as always are the basic precepts. The eyeglasses are rust-free and anti-allergic, light, yet durable and well-fitting.

Gucci Introduces New Havana Sunglasses and Optical Frames PDF
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Product News
Monday, 16 February 2015

GucciGucci is to present its new sunglasses and optical frames for women and men: combining impeccable workmanship and modern materials, these new frames fascinate with their retro style, underlined by the beautiful spotted Havana colours on bold shapes, recalling an elegant Sixties feeling.

Inspired by traditional craftsmanship that has been handed down over the years, these models are distinguished by a skilfully hand-finished treatment, which gives the material a sophisticated look. The beautifully spotted Havana sunglasses and optical frames, in the distinctive yellow colour, as well as in blue, red and brown, merge a vintage taste with a contemporary and subtle Gucci twist.

The bi-color styles are combined together with an innovative handmade gluing process, creating exclusive combinations between the bold Havana upper front and the slim transparent lower part. These sunglasses have tone-on-tone or shaded lenses, or innovative infrared lenses, protecting the eyes from the effects of heat, with a stylish faceted mirror effect. Refined details embellish these styles, such as functional metal rivets, with the minimal metal Web motif interpreted as an interplay of shiny and matt finishes. The dedicated five barrel hinge assures the utmost comfort on the temples, while the photo-engraved GG plaque adorns the temple-tips.

The sunglasses and optical frames come in bio-based acetate exclusively on the black and brown Havana colours: an innovative material that features the same comfort and quality as the finest plastics currently employed by the eyewear industry, but derives a large proportion of its components from natural origins. This helps reduce CO 2 emissions from the production process of the material, thus supporting Gucci's commitment to environmental issues (styles GG3744/S,GG3747, GG1089).

The new Gucci sunglasses and optical frames for men and women will be available in Australia mid-April.

Konan Medical Releases Color Vision Testing App PDF
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Product News
Wednesday, 04 February 2015

ColorDx AppKonan Medical,  a US company specialised in innovative diagnostic and examination devices for the ophthalmic industry, announced that it has released ColorDx Pro, a military-grade, extended color vision diagnostics app for iPad. ColorDx Pro is available from iTunes for an introductory price of AUD899.99.

ColorDx is routinely used at the US Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (NAMI) for qualifying Naval aviators and the FAA has recommended its use for qualifying civil aviation pilots. ColorDx has other test strategies for vocational color vision assessment that are also self-administered and automatically scored.

ColorDx apps test for both genetic (protan/deutan) and acquired (tritan) color vision deficiencies and is used extensively in clinical practices to aid decision making for a variety of neurological and ocular disorders, or substance toxicities that can cause a tritan deficiency.

ColorDx is also available for Android™ tablets, Windows® and Mac® computers as well as online and print. More information and free 30-day trials are available from .

ZEISS Launches Digital Eye Strain Test App PDF
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Product News
Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Zeiss Digital Eye Strain Test AppCarl Zeiss Vision has released a new app to test eye strain. It is a simple app to test your eyes and find out if you suffer from digital eyestrain. Headaches, stiff necks and tired eyes are some of the symptoms of digital eye strain. With the app you can find out what is digital eye strain and how you can render tired eyes a thing of the past and enjoy fresh, fit and focussed vision all day long.

The ZEISS Digital Eye Strain Test has been specially developed by ZEISS for switching your focus from a smartphone to a distance of 6 metres and vice-versa in order to precisely measure the strain on your eyes.

For more information and to download the app from the stores goto:

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