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New Mille Eyewear Models Launched by theo PDF
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Product News
Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Mille Model - theoFor the upcoming SILMO exhibition, theo has introduced the new Mille models which are bigger and bolder. These glasses are a perfect addition to the Mille range. Mille is especially designed for the Millennium generation, young people born between 1980 and 1996. The shapes are simple, the acetate is thick and monochrome. In order to create sharp edges, a lot of polishing by hand had to be done. In short, beautiful glasses without frills.

A picture of the theo model Mille+13 in colour 24 red is depicted here. If you take a closer look you’ll see that the front has 2 different finishes. The upper part is shiny, while the bottom has a wooden look

Optrex ActiMist $3.5 Million Consumer Advertising Campaign Kicks Off PDF
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Product News
Friday, 22 August 2014

OptrexConsumer eye care brand Optrex ActiMistTM has kicked off a $3.5 million dollar consumer advertising campaign to promote the importance of eye care during the upcoming spring allergy season.

The campaign, which runs across various media channels including commercial TV, trade, digital and in-store, aims to drive Australians in-store seeking eye care advice and product recommendation from their healthcare professional such as optometrists.

To capitalise on the consumer advertising blitz, Optrex distributor EYELogic will be providing Optrex ActiMist samples and branded collateral to Optometry practices by request, with products including counter units, posters and wobblers as optional displays.

"The arrival of the warmer weather brings with it a host of environmental factors that for many people can mean dry & irritated eyes*. In approximately 80% of dry eye cases this is as a result of disturbance to the lipid layer of the tear film[1]", said Pim Bolyn, Brand Manager, RB.

"The Optrex ActiMist consumer advertising campaign presents Optometrists with a great opportunity to proactively educate and engage people – both current and prospective patients on dry eye."

Optrex ActiMist is a liposomal spray applied to closed eyes that offers Optometrists the opportunity to provide patients with clinically proven relief in a convenient and easy way.

Optometry practices wishing to place orders for Optrex ActiMist product, collateral and/or samples, can call 02 9371 8884 or use the self-service online portal at

For more Optrex product information, visit   


* Dry & irritated eyes, due to disturbed lipid layer of the tear film.

[1] Dausch D et al. Klin Monatsbl Augenheilkd 2006: 223: 974-983

Gucci Introduces New Sunglasses And Optical Frames For Men PDF
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Product News
Friday, 15 August 2014

GucciGucci introduces new sunglasses and optical frames dedicated to the contemporary man, featuring a classic yet modern look. Combining retro style, impeccable workmanship and a modern material, these new frames features refined details, such as functional metal rivets with the hinges. A new minimal metal House Web motif displays an interplay of shiny and matt finishes, and a photo-engraved GG plaque adorns the temple-tips.

Inspired by traditional craftsmanship that has been handed down over the years, these sunglasses and optical frames are distinguished by a skilfully hand-finished treatment, which gives the material a sophisticated look that perfectly blends past and present.

The sunglasses and optical frames are available in bio-based acetate in classic black and Havana colours. Bio-based acetate is an innovative material that features the same comfort and quality as the finest plastics currently employed by the eyewear industry, but derives a large proportion of its components from natural origins. This helps reduce CO2 emissions from the production process of the material, thus supporting Gucci's commitment to environmental issues.

The round-shaped sunglasses come in black bio-based acetate with grey-shaded lenses and in dark Havana bio-based acetate with brown-shaded lenses. The styles are also available in yellow-spotted Havana acetate with dark-brown infrared lenses and in green-spotted Havana acetate with grey infrared lenses, allowing for superior quality of vision. The square-shaped sunglasses and optical frames come in black bio-based acetate, dark Havana bio-based acetate and black/Havana and Havana/crystal acetate. The new Gucci sunglasses and optical frames for men will be available worldwide at Gucci boutiques and select high-end opticians.

Occles: Unique Bridgeless Eyeshades that Block Out Light PDF
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Product News
Friday, 25 July 2014

OcclesOccles are the brainchild of couple, Hugh Robertson and Lynne McLeod. They first had the idea for Occles in 2011 whilst lying on a beach in Greece. Struggling to rest their eyes in the strong sunlight, they looked around and noticed various methods being employed by fellow holidaymakers to block out the sun's glare. The most common seemed to be a towel over the head! They knew at that moment, there had to be a better way.

Three years on, following extensive market research, and huge efforts to perfect the design and comfort of the product, Occles is really taking shape. Occles are patent (pending) with a registered design and a trademark for the brand. Occles are unique bridgeless eyeshades that wrap around the head and block out all ambient and uv light. The silicone rubber eye seals ensure a comfortable fit and the design helps prevent panda/raccoon eyes.

It is the company's mission to enable you to protect your eyes from the discomfort of UV and strong ambient light, and also reduce eye fatigue. Occles Ltd is a company registered in the UK. Occles is currently undertaking an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funds. More info at:

New Ground-breaking Injectable IOL Technology for Treatment of Macular Disease PDF
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Product News
Thursday, 24 July 2014

iolAMDThe London Eye Hospital Pharma which is part of the London Eye Hospital group of companies recently introduced a novel surgical treatment of macular disease called iolAMD. This solution, also known as the Hubble Implant, is according to the researchers, potentially the greatest breakthrough in the surgical treatment of macular disease in history. It is the world's first and only micro-incision, injectable, telescopic implant.

Developed by eye surgeon Dr Bobby Qureshi and optical physicist Professor Pablo Artal, iolAMD has the potential to revolutionise the lives of tens of millions of people who currently suffer from reduced vision due to macular disease, including early, intermediate and end stage Dry AMD and diabetic maculopathy. Depending on the visual potential remaining, iolAMD can restore lost vision enabling patients to drive, see faces and read again and thus greatly increasing their quality of life.

For more information goto:

Carrera Introduces Re-editions of Its Iconic Sunglasses PDF
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Product News
Monday, 14 July 2014

Carrera is celebrating the iconic glasses of its latest eyewear collections with re-editions of the brand’s models that made history: the legendary Champion and Carrera 6000 sunglasses are now presented in a new metal version with a pure design.

Carrera ChampionCHAMPION/MT
The unstoppable success of the brand's iconic aviator model just keeps going: these sunglasses, which have been showcased in countless ways – featuring a variety of materials, colors and detailing – over the past seasons, are now presented with ultra-flat, slim profiles for Spring/Summer 2014. The new Carrera Champion sunglasses are an inspired blend of metal and stainless steel, for an ultra-lightweight feel and utmost comfort. Satin finishes and mirrored lenses complete the dynamic look, lending a lively, timeless flair to the new model, available in shades of brown with gray lenses, black with black lenses, blue with blue lenses, red with orange lenses.

Carrera 6000CARRERA 6000/MT
The Carrera 6000 sunglasses, with their distinctive wavy temples and unmistakable rectangular front that is perfect for any face shape, are reinterpreted in a new, high-tech version featuring an avant-garde design and a stainless steel frame, for an ultra-lightweight feel. A bright, vibrant color palette, ideal for the warm summer months: coral with red or gray lenses, turquoise with khaki lenses, ruthenium with copper lenses, black with black lenses, white with pink lenses, blue with blue or multicolored lenses.

The sunglasses will be available in Australia at the end of this month. More information can be obtained from Safilo Australia.

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