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A Dry Eye Tool Box App For Dry Eye Management PDF
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Product News
Monday, 05 May 2014

Dry Eye AppGerman optometrist Dr Heiko Pult has recently launched a dry eye tool box app for dry eye management. It is an evidence based App easily and comfortable to be used with optimal involvement of your patient in the dry eye assessment.

The Screening Module calculates dry eye risk of your patient based on subjective and objective observations. In naïve contact lens wearers, the App can predict likelihood of later dry eye symptoms and it can analyse contact lens relevant dry eye in experienced lens wearers.

With the Dry Eye Manager it classifies dry eye type and give you appropriate management options for your patient and / or it lists the options to remarkable improve contact lens wearing comfort. Use the Symptometer to measure management success based on the patient`s symptoms. This also can be used as an extra quick screening module for dry eye. After 1-2 minutes you know the subjective dry eye status of your patient.

The App leads you through an professional dry eye management scheme making dry eye evaluation and management easy and repeatable. The patient can easily be involved in this process to highlight your professionalism and improve patient loyalty and compliance.

The app can be found on the Apple Store at:

Stylish Watch for Visually Impaired PDF
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Product News
Friday, 11 April 2014

Bradley Watch for Visually ImpairedStartup company Eone has recently introduced a stylish watch for the visually impaired. According to Eone the watch is: "An innovative fashion watch that everyone, including the blind, can touch to tell time. Telling time shouldn't require vision."

The company launched their first product, the Bradley watch during a crowdfunding event on The watch is a tactile timepiece that allows you to not only see what time it is, but to feel what time it is. In July last year 3,681 people from 65 different countries backed the project, donating a total of US$594,602. It will be available for sale from May in the US, with the rest of the world likely to follow later.

The watch is named after Lt. Brad Snyder. Early on during ideation, Eone was introduced to a young man named Brad Snyder. Brad lost his sight completely from an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan as a bomb defuser. Resolved to continue his active lifestyle, Brad competed in and won two gold and one silver medals in swimming at the 2012 Paralympics in London. People like Brad have inspired the development of The Bradley. Brad Snyder breaks stereotypes and misconceptions towards blind people by taking his blindness in stride and not letting it stop him from accomplishing extraordinary things. Eone says that in the same way they look for opportunities to co-design products, such as The Bradley, which are inclusive to all users. By not taking for granted any of the things we use and need for everyday life, we hope to diminish everyday obstacles for impaired and under-represented users by creating.

Eone is an innovative product design company located in Washington DC, US.

theo Introduces Limited Edition Sunnies Shadows by Tim Van Steenbergen PDF
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Product News
Thursday, 27 March 2014

ShadowsWhen Tim Van Steenbergen designed his latest collection of sunglasses for theo, he went back to his younger days. Days that were filled with big guitar sounds. Tim took inspiration from the sublime Fenders played by his musical heroes and together with theo designer Serge Bracké, came up with six intense models. The fact that the collection was a genuine collaboration with theo is clearly in evidence in the colours.

theo big boss Wim Somers chose a palette of 'shadow colours', such as white, grey, black and dark blue, and dubbed them the 'Shadows', after his personal guitar heroes.

The advent of grunge took many a teenager by storm, and it was no different for Tim. You could have heroes again, guitar heroes, and what could possibly appeal more to the imagination of a creative, growing teen. But grunge was so much more than a musical genre. It became a true movement, which even found its way onto the catwalk. Tim wouldn't be Tim if he didn't offer his own utterly original interpretation of the trend, focusing on the guitars themselves. He was fascinated by the elegant shapes and the different materials used.

Samsung Releases New Smartphone Accessories For The Blind PDF
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Product News
Thursday, 20 March 2014

Samsung MobileSamsung Electronics has expanded its Galaxy smartphone user experience with three new accessories for users of the Galaxy Core Advance mobile device that require special assistance. The Ultrasonic Cover, Optical Scan Stand, and Voice Label enhance the Galaxy Core Advance with tools for a universally flawless user experience.

The three new assistive technology accessories, which easily connect with the Galaxy Core Advance, enrich the stock of accessibility features on the device intended to assist disabled and visually impaired users:

  • The Ultrasonic Cover allows users to detect obstacles and navigate unfamiliar places by sending an alert through a vibration or TTS feedback. By holding the Cover in front of the user, it can enhance a visually impaired user's awareness of their surroundings by sensing the presence of a person or object up to 2 meters away.
  • The Optical Scan Stand positions the device to focus on printed materials, automatically activating the Optical Scan application, which recognizes text from an image and reads it aloud to the user. The Optical Scan Stand is particularly useful when a consumer is alone, automatically initiating the application to read text as soon as paper is sensed on the stand.
  • The Voice Label assists users in distinguishing objects by allowing them to make notes and tag voice labels easily on-the-go. With NFC technology enabling a seamless connection to their smartphones, users can record, stop and access their notes. This feature can also help a user distinguish how to use electronics by allowing them to record a short explanation.
Bausch + Lomb Launches Cleaning and Disinfecting Lens Solution PDF
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Product News
Monday, 17 March 2014

Bausch + Lomb has announced the introduction of PeroxiClear™ 3% hydrogen peroxide cleaning and disinfecting solution, a peroxide-based lens care solution. The solution offers a welcome alternative peroxide-based product. According to Bausch + Lomb, PeroxiClear solution has been proven to keep contact lenses cleaner and moister for longer.

"We've been hearing from many doctors that there's been an increasing need to address their patients' contact lens discomfort. Bausch + Lomb is proud to now provide an alternative option and innovation with PeroxiClear," said Joseph Barr, OD, MS, FAAO, vice president, Medical Affairs, Pharmaceuticals & Vision Care, Bausch + Lomb. "Bausch + Lomb's mission has always been to help patients see better to live better, and with the introduction of PeroxiClear cleaning and disinfecting solution, we can now offer them the most advanced peroxide-based lens solution on the market today."

PeroxiClear solution is a unique formula that contains Triple-Moist Technology™, which helps to provide up to 20 hours of moisture. PeroxiClear provides the disinfection efficacy you expect from a hydrogen peroxide solution, but neutralizes in only four hours, as compared to six with other peroxides.

"PeroxiClear solution is the most-advanced peroxide-based solution that I’ve used in years," said Brad Oatney, O.D. "With PeroxiClear solution, I can continue to offer my patients the best in eye care products, which is always my primary goal."

Essilor Introduces Optifog Smart Textile PDF
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Product News
Friday, 24 January 2014

Optifog SystemEssilor has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Optifog® Smart Textile. This new technology allows the Optifog lenses' anti-fog properties to be activated by a microfiber dry cloth that the consumer uses to wipe his lenses.

Covered by an international patent application, the exclusive Optifog System technology, combining the Optifog lenses with the Optifog Smart Textile, has the power to activate the lenses' properties using microfiber dry cloth with specific molecules. To invent and industrialize this new textile, Essilor research teams have consulted various textile research institutes as well as specialized industrials partners all over the world before selecting a leading niche textile provider. Two years ago, when Essilor had created a new category of lenses with Optifog lenses, the anti-fogging properties were activated with a liquid to apply on lenses.

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