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Y-Stick Dispensing Aid Now Available in Australia PDF
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Product News
Thursday, 11 July 2013

Y-StickY-Stick which has been developed in Germany some years ago is now available to order in Australia. The tool assists dispensers to accurately mark fitting crosses when measuring pupil heights. Y-Stick eliminates the subjectivity that often results from conflicting measurements taken by different opticians. The measurement is consistent; as long as the customer assumes the same body posture, the measurement will be the same. Any subjectivity on the part of the optician has been removed.

The Y-stick has 2mm increments in white and yellow print that makes it easier to read while not reducing the patients' visibility. It is much lighter than other tools on the market, removing any possibility of the frames dropping down the nose ensuring the frames maintain their final fitting position.

The device is so easy to use that there is almost no possibility of error, thus raising customer satisfaction. In addition to the measuring results, the Y-Stick is very attractively priced when compared to an electronic measuring device - all in the interest of a well-looked after and satisfied customer. The optician is thus able to demonstrate their competence and, for the customer, the physical and optical fitting of his spectacles has been an enhancing experience.

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New Device For Glasses Enables The Blind To Read PDF
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Product News
Friday, 07 June 2013

OrCamUntil now reading aids for the visually impaired and the blind have been cumbersome devices that recognize text in restricted environments, or, more recently, have been software applications on smartphones that have limited capabilities.

In contrast, a new device developed by the Israeli company OrCam is a small camera worn in the style of Google Glass, connected by a thin cable to a portable computer designed to fit in the wearer's pocket. The system clips on to the wearer's glasses with a small magnet and uses a bone-conduction speaker to offer clear speech as it reads aloud the words or object pointed to by the user.

The device harnesses the power of artificial vision to compensate for lost visual abilities. It has a sensor that sees what is in front of you, understands what information you seek and provides it to you through a bone-conduction earpiece. With the assistance of the device visually impaired people can now read any printed text, know who is nearby, shop, recognise objects, find items, locates bus numbers and monitors traffic lights. All this is accomplished by just pointing a finger to the object that needs to be recognised.

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MYKITA Launches Distinctive Collection of Protective Eyewear Pouches PDF
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Product News
Wednesday, 08 May 2013

MYKITA has partnered with French accessories brand Côte&Ciel, known for their iconic designs for people on the move, to create a distinctive collection of protective eyewear pouches. Slipped into a pocket or bag, frames will not only be easily accessible but also travelling in style.

These colourful pouches are made from Côte&Ciel’s signature diamond grip mesh neoprene. Durable and sleek they are a practical solution to keep your frames protected and always at hand.

MYKITA Pouches

The inverted zip and safety lip prevents scratching your eyewear. An integrated microfiber cleaning cloth allows you to keep your lenses smudgefree while removing the inconvenience of looking for or even losing that rather invaluable piece of fabric.

The pouches come in eight different colour combinations, inspired by MYKITA’s distinctive light-infused advertising campaigns, with contrast interiors for a pop of colour: Rust with Yellow, Yellow with Plum, Black with Black, Grey Melange with Black, Amethyst with Plum, Plum with Amethyst, Indigo Blue with Carmine Red and Carmine Red with Indigo Blue.

The pouches will be exclusively available at selected optical stores.

Hoet Eyewear Launches New Collections PDF
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Product News
Friday, 26 April 2013

Born out of the irrepressible drive to renew. The search for perfect simplicity, chic, elegance, something unique. Timeless design with a personality that is both classic and modern; perhaps somewhat sober, but definitely not commonplace. Hoet eyewear are limited editions.


The latest additions are new optical frames in the Albane collection, called Anna and Amos. The elegant line of the frame that flows seamlessly over into the glass continues to be innovative and timeless. True to tradition, the models are available in 3 colours: natural, gold and black.

Hoet eyewear has also introduced the new sunglasses Cabrio Evo B to its Cabrio range.Cabrio Evo B

"Carrera by Jimmy Choo" Eyewear Capsule Collection Announced PDF
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Product News
Friday, 19 April 2013

Carrera, a leading brand of Safilo Group and the iconic luxury fashion brand Jimmy Choo recently announced an agreement for the design, production and distribution of an exclusive capsule collection of Carrera by Jimmy Choo sunglasses. The collection will blend the eyewear expertise and bold attitude of Carrera with the epitome of style and glamour which is Jimmy Choo in a range of unique models combining high performance in a fashion forward aesthetic.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership which we know will result in the creation of an exceptional product,” said Pierre Denis, CEO of Jimmy Choo. "The Carrera brand, since its creation in 1956, has forged a unique position in the eyewear sector and is recognized for being both innovative and adventurous. We are proud to associate Jimmy Choo with Carrera in this limited collection of eyewear." "The aspirational nature of all Jimmy Choo products confirms its position as one of the leading luxury accessory brands in the world. It embodies the essential elements that women aspire to: empowered glamour which is a bit rebellious," commented Roberto Vedovotto, CEO of Safilo Group. "The Carrera by Jimmy Choo collection will represent the perfect union of these elements with the determination and boldness of Carrera."

PROLENSA Solution Approved By FDA PDF
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Product News
Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bausch + Lomb announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the company's New Drug Application (NDA) for PROLENSA™ (bromfenac ophthalmic solution) 0.07 percent prescription eye drop, an innovative once-daily nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for the treatment of postoperative inflammation and reduction of ocular pain in patients who have undergone cataract surgery. PROLENSA will be available in 1.6ml and 3ml bottle sizes. PROLENSA provides powerful and rapid resolution of inflammation and pain by leveraging the unique potency of the bromfenac molecule in a formulation designed to facilitate ocular penetration. The advanced formulation allows for a lower concentration of bromfenac in a once daily dosing regimen. PROLENSA is a solution that does not require shaking to deliver a consistent dose in each drop.

The efficacy of PROLENSA was evaluated in two randomized, double-masked, vehicle-controlled studies of patients undergoing cataract surgery. Each randomized patient received PROLENSA or vehicle starting with one drop into the surgical eye on the day prior to and the day of surgery, and for 14 days following surgery. The primary efficacy endpoint was complete clearing of ocular inflammation (assessed by the summed ocular inflammation score, SOIS, which includes cells and flare) by day 15. The secondary efficacy endpoint was the number of subjects that were pain free on day one after surgery.

Results from the pivotal studies demonstrated PROLENSA to be superior to vehicle in the treatment of both inflammation and pain following cataract surgery. Twice as many patients as vehicle (46 percent versus 20 percent) demonstrated complete clearance of inflammation (SOIS of 0) at day 15. The difference in the average post-operative inflammation severity between the treatment and vehicle arms was statistically and clinically significant by day eight. Nearly four of five patients treated with PROLENSA were pain free at day one (78.8 percent versus 49.5 percent for vehicle; p<0.0001). Patients treated with PROLENSA reported a lower incidence of foreign body sensation and photophobia and had less redness than those treated with vehicle.

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