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24 Oct 2019

BHVI Launches The Myopia Education Program

bhvi myopia courseBrien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) has recently launched their leading Myopia Education Program at the 2019 American Optometry Academy. The launch will see all three courses available in an anytime, anywhere format. This enables eyecare professionals to complete the program in their own time.

“We want to make our education program easily available to our community of professionals, so they have the flexibility to sign up and learn while still managing myopia in their busy practices” said Pamela Capaldi, Director of Professional Services with BHVI.

BHVI has developed the program in collaboration from both BHVI and global experts. The use of interactive case studies, videos, polls and discussions gives participants an interactive, engaging and supported learning experience. Participants have a six-week time frame in which to complete these internationally accredited and recognised courses.

Uniquely, the BHVI Myopia Education Program comprehensively addresses managing Myopia from both a clinical and business practice perspective. The current program includes three key modules;

  • Managing Myopia - Changes the way you understand and treat myopia.
  • Complex Cases - Strategies and tools to help confidently manage more complex myopia cases.
  • The Business of Myopia –Maximize business results and grow your practice through managing myopia.

More about the Myopia Education Program can be found at education.bhvi.org




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