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12 Nov 2019

Recommitted Funding For BHVI Programs

BHVI ProgramsBrien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) is embarking on a new strategic roadmap for its organisation. This has included refreshing the way that the organisation interacts with all its stakeholders, including the donors and not for profit organisations.

A key part of BHVI's simplified, streamlined approach is being transparent about the ways that different parts of BHVI interact with the public. BHVI, supported by its science arm, VisionCRC, is leading the industry, translating innovative STEM research into commercially successful products.

As a not-for-profit organisation, BHVI directs the surplus proceeds of its commercial endeavours towards further research and to its foundation. The foundation provides child eye health care, accessible eye care and helps to train and develop the optometrist workforce in Australia and across the globe. It plays a key role in correcting poor vision with those most in need.

In the last months, both the New South Wales and Northern Territory governments recommitted funding to our important indigenous eye health programs through the Visiting Optometrist Scheme. BHVI will continue to provide on-going, regular and free eye examinations and access to optical solutions to Aboriginal communities across both regions. Working with Aboriginal eye health practitioners and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, BHVI is building stronger connections between optometrists and the local communities. Together, they ensure the service is effective, culturally safe and adaptable to the needs of the local communities.

BHVI opened its first optometry clinic in Walgett in December 1999. More than 150 locations across the country are visited on a regular on-going basis. In the last four years, the organisation has provided 39,920 individual eye examinations and provided 27,204 pairs of glasses to Indigenous Australians.

“WAMS are delighted to continue working with the exceptional team at BHVI to continue delivering these incredible important services to our Aboriginal Communities,” said Christine Corby OAM, Chief Executive Officer, Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service (WAMS) Limited.

The streamlining of our organisation has enabled BHVI to focus its endeavours within the foundation. For the first time, the organisation is working together, under the leadership of our first female CEO, Yvette Waddell to continue developing innovative technology and delivering integral services to stem the Myopia epidemic.

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