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06 Aug 2020

South Korean Company Launches Behind-The-Lens Slim Clip Design

Julio EyewearSouth Korean eyewear company INTO-KOREA has launched its Julio Eyewear collection with the newly patented Behind-The-Lens Slim Clip. The clip is composed of a polarised lens that comfortably fits behind any type of prescribed lens. The company has started a Kickstarter campaign on July 27th, 2020.

According to CEO Kuk Hwan Ann, the conventional type of polarized clips that attach to the front of lenses haven’t been a good alternative due to their bulkiness. When he realized this, Ann set out to create a clip design that would eliminate the discomfort of stacking two separate lenses but rather work seamlessly as one.

“The slim clip design is a meticulous process that we’re proud to specialize in because everyone deserves better eye protection," said Ann. "Glasses should give you clear vision without feeling like a huge mass wearing you down. It’s got to be light and powerful.”

The mantra behind “light and powerful” also lies behind his choice to build the temples of Julio glasses with high-grade Japanese titanium. The strongest metal for its weight, titanium is both durable and lightweight.

The Julio collection is available on Kickstarter for a limited time. It comes in four models and four colors, all of which backers have the option to choose once the campaign ends. The Early Bird reward starts at $69 and comes with both Clips, a clip pocket, glasses case, and microfiber cleaner cloth. The team expects to begin delivery by November 2020.

For more information goto: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/julioeyewear/julio-titanium-eyewear-crafted-to-protect-with-style

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