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10 Sep 2021

PlanetVA To Support Local Eyewear Suppliers

eyewear fitting roomDue to the current challenging situation, eyewear suppliers are not able to exhibit this year in Australia. PlanetVA Pty Ltd wants to support these businesses during this difficult period and has decided to provide digital eyewear fitting rooms at no cost for one year. A digital fitting room consists of a custom webpage that includes the vendor's collection and 3D Live Virtual Try-on. There are only limited places available.

"What we have learned from this pandemic is that more people are shopping online now and will continue to do so after this crisis has ended. It is therefore very important that independent optical retailers provide the necessary services in order to capture these people otherwise they might lose them. PlanetVA provides such a service with our leading edge eyewear virtual try-on solution. We have already proven to be very successful in the US market. The Australian and New Zealand markets are ready for it now and will follow suit very soon. Now is the best time to explore these innovative services.", says Ludwig Heymbeeck, founder of PlanetVA Pty Ltd.

The Terms and Conditions for this free offer are as follows:

  • Setup of max. 10 frames (SKUs) included (additional frames will cost only $20 per frame for the setup).
  • Subscription of one year included at no cost.
  • For each frame we require a front view and side view image in order to produce a 3D digital model to be used in the 3D Live Virtual Try-on. Please refer to the following page for more information on the required images: https://planetva.net/documentation/setup/pictures/
  • The vendor's eyewear fitting room collection will be made available under a custom domain that can be launched with a link from the vendor's website. It will also be possible to provide this link to your optical retailers for inclusion on their website. Patients can then try on, preselect frames, and make a booking before visiting the optical retailer.

Some recent references using PlanetVA's eyewear fitting room service in the US market:

For more information and to be considered for this extraordinary offer simply send an email with your company details to [email protected]



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