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22 Jun 2023

World Sight Day 2023 Shines Spotlight on Eye Care in the Workplace

LoveYourEyesAtWorkIn its annual commemoration of World Sight Day, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is putting a spotlight on the world of work and emphasizing the critical importance of prioritizing eye care. This year's theme, "Love Your Eyes at Work," aims to raise awareness about the positive impact of eye care on employee productivity, safety, and overall well-being.

The CEO of IAPB, Peter Holland, emphasized the significance of prioritizing eye health in the workplace, stating, "We know that the world is a safer, more productive place when eye health is prioritized. The research paints a clear picture of the impact eye care has on the workforce. For example, correcting vision with glasses increases productivity by more than 20%, decreases rates of early retirement, and results in safer drivers. It is knowledge like this that has led us to focus World Sight Day 2023 on addressing the gap in understanding that eye care is an important investment that makes positive, measurable differences to employees and employers."

Under the leadership of IAPB and its global network of eye health organizations, individuals across various industries, from farms to factory floors, from taxi ranks to tech startups, will unite to make eye care a priority in the workplace. The initiative encourages employees to engage with their human resource representatives to understand the eye care benefits they are entitled to. For those without eye care as an employee benefit, IAPB provides the necessary resources to help employees advocate for its inclusion. Employers will also be educated about the positive impact of this highly cost-effective intervention.

World Sight Day offers numerous opportunities for participation. It aims to gather 10 million individuals and businesses who will pledge to #LoveYourEyes leading up to October 12, 2023. The campaign also challenges workplaces worldwide to screen the eye health of their employees through the Global Challenge. Additionally, amateur and professional photographers are invited to participate in the 8th Annual World Sight Day Photo Competition by showcasing their work that best represents the positive impact of eye care. To facilitate engagement, the campaign provides social media assets, toolkits, and information packs for individuals and organizations to launch their own initiatives.

Peter Holland further urged everyone to join the cause, stating, "We know that we are louder when we come together. Therefore, I invite everyone to join us this World Sight Day, make the campaign your own, be bold, and create a movement that cannot be overlooked."

World Sight Day receives invaluable support from its global partners, including AbbVie, Bayer, CBM, Horizon, Hoya, National Vision, Novartis, Roche, and the Seva Foundation. Their leadership and continued support make the event possible.

Pledges to #LoveYourEyes and entries for the World Sight Day Photo Competition will open in July. IAPB invites everyone to actively participate. An online pledging tool will open on the IAPB website on 4 July.

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