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12 Oct 2023

Eyewear Artwalk 2024: Where Eyewear Meets Artistry - A B2B Spectacle Like No Other

eyewear artwalkThe fusion of eyewear and artistry is set to take center stage as Eyewear Artwalk unveils its 2024 tour, featuring a unique blend of optical excellence and creative ingenuity. Organized as the ultimate B2B experience, this groundbreaking event promises to revolutionize the way we perceive eyewear. With tour dates spanning from April in Los Angeles to December in Miami, Eyewear Artwalk will be a 360° commerce extravaganza offering a fusion of education, fashion, entertainment, eyewear, music, and direct engagement with passionate consumers.

Breaking new ground, Eyewear Artwalk will offer a space for independent eyewear collections to shine, presenting innovative technologies, telemedicine platforms, and cutting-edge lens products and services. Notably, both optical professionals and consumers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Optical Metaverse, an innovative digital landscape, and the Optical Near Me consumer portal, dedicated to the distribution of independent eyewear brands and eye care products.

"Like a rock band and its entourage that tours from city to city, Eyewear Artwalk will be the place to be, complete with immersive digital content, entertainment, and a focus on the ultimate consumer. There will be opportunities for meet and greets with the creators, influencers, and tastemakers of art-centric eyewear," stated Stephen Fournier, a prominent eyewear designer and rock musician.

The idea for Eyewear Artwalk was born during the pandemic, uniting independent and legacy eyewear brands when the world stood still. The event aims to provide unique optical retailers with capsule collections, luxury consumer support, and groundbreaking technology to bring eyecare B2B businesses and consumers together.

About Eyewear Artwalk 2024: A Fusion of Creativity, Innovation, and Style

Eyewear Artwalk 2024 is poised to redefine the eyewear industry, offering a fresh perspective for both optical professionals and discerning eyewear consumers. This 3-day immersive experience will combine education and direct consumer engagement in seven major US cities: Los Angeles, Nashville, Denver, New York, Chicago, Austin, and Miami.

What to Expect

Eyewear professionals can anticipate insightful keynote sessions, hands-on workshops, and a star-studded lineup of presenters with a proven track record of innovation. Educational partner IOT will provide continuing education (CE) credits for all eyecare professionals, covering everything from groundbreaking design techniques to the latest eyewear trends.

Frame designers from around the world will curate unique eyewear collections, allowing attendees to purchase directly. This real-time interaction will provide optical professionals with invaluable data on which collections resonate with consumers.

Why Eyewear Artwalk 2024 Matters

In an industry that's constantly evolving, Eyewear Artwalk offers a dynamic exploration of the intertwining worlds of eyewear and art. Beyond traditional conferences, this event showcases how art and eyewear shape the way we perceive the world, both literally and figuratively. By bringing together professionals and enthusiasts, Eyewear Artwalk provides a unique platform for connection, learning, and inspiration.

The Eyewear Artwalk US tour is open to optical companies worldwide, with confirmed brands from Germany, Italy, France, and the UK participating. The Entry Village Fulfillment provides brands the opportunity to sell B2B and directly to consumers by partnering with Optical Near Me. Plus, brands can showcase up to three different designs in person without being physically present, enhancing branding opportunities.

The Optical Metaverse, developed by Optical Visionary Charlene Nichols, combines AR, VR, and the internet, empowering eye care professionals with a wealth of resources. Any exhibiting brand partnering with Eyewear Artwalk will receive a 1-year subscription to the Optical Metaverse, complete with a virtual replication of their Eyewear Artwalk space, enabling ongoing customer engagement and virtual try-ons.

The Eyewear Artwalk + Optical Metaverse partnership extends globally, allowing brands to sell in person and virtually, expanding their reach and impact.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of this revolutionary event that blends eyewear and artistry like never before. Eyewear Artwalk 2024 is set to make history, and you can be a part of it.

For more information goto www.eyewearartwalk.com

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