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13 Nov 2023

Historic Whole-Eye and Partial-Face Transplant Performed

eye face transplant surgeryIn a pioneering medical breakthrough, a surgical team at New York University (NYU) Langone Health has accomplished the world's first whole-eye and partial-face transplant, marking an unprecedented milestone in medical history. The recipient, Aaron James, a 46-year-old military veteran from Arkansas, survived a high-voltage electrical accident during work, sustaining extensive injuries, including the loss of his left eye, upper left arm, nose, lips, teeth, cheek, and chin.

The intricate 21-hour surgery, led by Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez and a team of over 140 healthcare professionals, involved transplanting an entire left eye and a section of the face from a single donor, presenting the first-ever human whole-eye transplant. While the restoration of sight remains uncertain, the transplanted eye has exhibited promising signs of health, including direct blood flow to the retina, fostering hope for future advancements in vision-related therapies.

This groundbreaking achievement not only offers hope for patients with severe facial and ocular injuries but also paves the way for transformative developments in the field of transplantation and beyond.

The journey commenced when Aaron James's case was introduced to the NYU Langone team shortly after his accident in 2021. Over the course of meticulous evaluation and consideration, a decision was made to attempt the unprecedented whole-eye and face transplant, understanding the inherent uncertainties and limitations of the procedure.

One of the critical elements in this historic feat was the swift identification of a donor, made possible in just three months by the collaboration between NYU Langone and LiveOnNY, resulting in a successful transplant in May 2023.

The complex nature of eye transplantation lies in restoring nerve connections and retinal blood flow. To address this, innovative approaches were adopted, including injecting adult stem cells from the donor's bone marrow into the recipient's optic nerve during the surgery—an untested but potentially impactful procedure.

Cutting-edge technology, in collaboration with industry leaders like Depuy Synthes and Materialise, played a crucial role in surgical planning, ensuring precision and optimal placement during the transplant. The meticulous surgical process aimed to limit ischemia time and enhance the chances of success.

Post-surgery, James exhibited remarkable progress in his recovery, with the transplanted eye showing signs of health and functionality beyond initial expectations. The transformative procedure not only restored crucial functionalities like taste, smell, and the ability to eat solid food but also significantly improved James's appearance.

Looking to the future, the medical team continues to monitor James's progress closely, conducting various clinical tests and discussions among multidisciplinary experts to explore potential avenues for sight restoration.

The groundbreaking achievement not only offers hope for patients facing similar challenges but also opens new frontiers for advancements in the restoration of vision and facial functionality, potentially revolutionizing the field of transplantation and neurological sciences.

Aaron James's remarkable journey stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the remarkable possibilities of medical innovation in restoring life-changing functionalities.

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