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15 Nov 2023

Eyewear Artwalk Presents Visionaries Fashion Show, Revolutionising Independent Eyewear Showcase

Visionaries Fashion ShowIn a groundbreaking collaboration, Eyewear Artwalk has joined forces with Kazoku Lunettes to introduce the Visionaries Fashion Show, a platform redefining how independent eyewear designers engage with traditional events.

Fresh from the success of their New York Fashion Week runway show, Kazoku Lunettes is set to produce the Visionaries Fashion Show, providing a unique stage for emerging talent and established creatives. This innovative activation enables independent designers from around the globe to showcase their eyewear collections in both public and private fashion shows, fostering a culture of creativity and originality.

The spotlight is now firmly on independent eyewear designers, ushering in a new era for the industry. Featuring a diverse array of styles, including High Fashion, Steampunk Couture, Glam Horror, and more, the Visionaries Fashion Show not only introduces fresh perspectives to the market but also champions a culture of artistic expression and inclusivity.

The fashion show facilitates a shift towards democratisation, breaking away from conventional norms to promote an inclusive industry that values individuality. The Eyewear Artwalk Fashion Show acts as a nexus where craftsmanship meets artistry, allowing designers to connect with a broader audience and gain the recognition they deserve. The event empowers independent eyewear designers by offering opportunities to:

  • Showcase and control brand narrative
  • Sell directly from the runway to viewers
  • Reach a local, national, and international audience

Eyewear Artwalk pioneers a revolutionary approach by seamlessly merging the physical runway experience with a cutting-edge 3D replica in the digital realm of Omniverse City. While captivating in-person attendees with meticulously crafted eyewear, the 3D replica extends its reach globally, offering virtual participants an immersive experience in a hyper-realistic digital environment.

This convergence caters to diverse audience preferences and introduces a new era of interactive consumer engagement. Attendees, whether physically present or virtually connected, can explore eyewear collections through immersive virtual try-ons and seamlessly place orders.

The Visionaries Fashion Show goes beyond the traditional boundaries of a typical fashion event, offering a comprehensive array of benefits for independent eyewear designers. The sophisticated approach to data management and marketing activations ensures designers have access to invaluable insights throughout the event lifecycle, from pre-show anticipation to post-event analysis.

Seamless integration of commerce support distinguishes this showcase, facilitating in-person ordering directly from the runway and providing a virtual world experience through try-ons and ordering on Omniverse City. This innovative approach enhances the designer-consumer connection and opens new avenues for business growth.

For more information, goto: www.eyewearartwalk.com

3d eyewear viewer & configurator
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