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Opticare Pty Ltd

address 118 Adderley Street
Auburn NSW 2144
email [email protected]
website www.opticare.com.au
phone 02 9748 8777
fax 02 9748 8666
brands Western Handtools, Takubomatic, Clearpro, Smartpro, Quasar, Owlet, Owlet Plus, Hyde Optical/Sunwear, Deborah Hayes, Aston Smith, Opticare Office, Independents Choice, Instyle, Instyle Plus, Instyle Kids, Transitions Drivewear, Infinity, Cristian De Marco, Blue Guardian, Skeye Multicoat, Armour Hardcoat, Ocelot, Keratron Onda, Blue Skeye Multicoat, Sunmatic Photochromic Lenses, Slimlite Process, Litrex, Potek Instruments
freecall 1800251852
short description 100% Australian owned & operated company providing products/services to Independent Optometrists
local phone 1800789110
products and services FreeForm Lenses, Conventional Lenses, Transitions, Special Materials, Lens Coatings, Stock Lenses, Designer Frames, Frame and Fit Packages, Consulting Room Equipment, Instruments, Practice Management Software, Website Design, Tracers, Edgers, Workshop Tools, Aberrometers, Slit Lamps, Auto Phoropter
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